Kamel Ghabte

About Us


Kamel obtained a degree in sound engineering at the S.A.E Institut Paris, where he learned the latest techniques in digital audio.
For more than 10 years, he has been sharing his knowledge as well as the basic concepts of computer programming and human-computer interaction.
Professional experience:

After graduating and getting an APPLE certification in 2007, Kamel started working as a freelance digital artist, creating interactive installations for art exhibitions and public and private events. He has also been a trainer for workshops, state and private pro training sessions in programming and the creation of immersive & digital universes. Then, he integrated into these trainings, augmented and virtual reality experiences where he received an ADAF Awards in 2020 and numerous invitations to various international digital arts festivals. He has also worked as a consultant for companies, public and private schools, colleges and universities in France and Morocco, helping to design innovative training modules based on augmented reality and virtual reality. Recently digital referent for the Guadeloupe Region and for the SMART CITY project in Casablanca.
Recent projects:

Kamel recently created an interactive installation for a major contemporary art exhibition, using augmented reality to combine virtual and physical elements to create an immersive experience for visitors. He has also trained university students in augmented and virtual reality programming to enable them to create their own projects.
In addition to his work as a freelance digital artist, trainer and consultant, Kamel is also an active campaigner for the environment and the responsible use of technology. He is particularly passionate about land art projects, which combine art and technology to create sustainable and environmentally friendly installations.
As an active member of the Land Art community and co-founder of the Unispheres Association, Kamel has participated in numerous land art 2.0 projects around the world. He notably worked on a land art project in Venice for the Bioclimatic Pavilion for the European Union, where he used augmented reality to combine virtual and physical elements to create an interactive installation that used wind energy to power lights and sounds. He also worked on a generative land art project in Casablanca, where he used artificial intelligence to create an installation that adapts to weather conditions.
Kamel strongly believes that art and technology can work together to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. He continues to engage in generative land art projects around the world, using his skills in creating digital images, sound and video to create interactive installations that raise awareness of the need to protect our planet.